April 19, 2024

Jane Mena, a popular Nigerian dancer and social media influencer, has once again made headlines with a new video she posted on her official Instagram page. The video features Jane twerking vigorously in her bathroom while wearing a red see-through outfit that doesn’t cover her braless chest. This video has sparked controversy and mixed reactions from her fans and followers.


Jane Mena has faced criticism in the past for her provocative dance moves and revealing outfits, and this recent video has once again drawn attention to her controversial persona. In the video, Jane is seen twerking hard and encouraging her male fans to stay away from their women if they cannot twerk like her.


In her words, Jane wrote;

“If your bae does not have this kind of stamina, d#mp her.”


While some social media users praised her twerking skills and beauty, others expressed their concerns about the negative influence her behavior could have on young people, especially her own children. They urged her to be mindful of the image she is projecting to the public, and to consider the impact it could have on her family and society as a whole.


Despite the backlash, Jane Mena remains one of the most popular social media personalities in Nigeria, with a large following on Instagram and other platforms. Her videos and photos continue to generate a lot of buzz and engagement, making her a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian entertainment industry.


See The Video Below;

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