May 27, 2024


Prominent Nigerian humorist, the one and only Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, commonly hailed as the charismatic

Sabinus, set the digital realm ablaze with his recent bombshells, as he peeled back the curtain on his personal affairs and gave an electrifying exposé on his financial prowess.

During a fresh interactive exchange with devoted followers, the content creator, via Instagram story, delved into fan-provoked questions about his financial value, the recency of his last passionate escapade, go-to gastronomic delights, and an assortment of other intriguing questions.

When asked about his net worth, Sabinus fearlessly disclosed a hefty N930 million in his account.


Further probed about his recent intimate encounter, he shared that it’s been nearly two months.


Addressing whether he has a girlfriend, Sabinus responded with a “no,” although this doesn’t necessarily imply he’s unattached, as he’s engaged to his fiancée.


Sabinus mentioned that he holds a fondness for Okro soup as his preferred meal, and he proudly declared Liverpool FC as his favorite football club.






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