June 13, 2024

A Nigerian lady’s pursuit to make her first million from sewing despite being exhausted from too much work has stirred emotions online.


In the video, the lady identified as @blair_goodfashion explained that she could not reject any order because she was determined to make her first million.

Her dedication and commitment to her craft highlighted the challenges faced by fashion designers on their journey to success.


She wrote; “POV: you can’t reject any order because you are trying to make your First million. This journey is not easy, fashion designers how is the season treating you? I hope i see my first million this season.”

Many fashion designers and aspiring entrepreneurs shared their experiences and challenges while striving for their first million.

Favour_ Amaah commented: “I de reject o make I no go sick.”

Clothing brand store Nigeria said: “My first million gave me stress which resulted to the hospital which resulted to disappointment and insults cause i couldn’t finish on time.”

Coolex_Stitches reacted: “This is soo me eili, I cnt even say no whiles I’m so weak.”

Marexdavis commented: “More strength dear.”

Mary Amour reacted: “Keep going Baby! You’ve got this.”

Oluwajesse commented: “Girl I can relate.”

Ruchi said: “Keep going, see you at the top top.”

@promzycouture said: “Me am still sick now.”

Zainees_couture reacted: “Me lately but I’ve finally stopped taking orders for the year.”

Mofash commented: “I reject ooo I no wan sick.”

Houseofsean said: “I don push push until sickness catch me.”


Watch the video below:



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