April 17, 2024


Ifunanya Excel, a controversial Nigerian lawyer, has finally talked about her suspension by the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA.


About two months ago, word came on social media that the young female lawyer had been sanctioned for misbehavior after her nude was shared on the internet.


Although the NBA quickly debunked the accusations, Ifunanya remained mute until last week.


During a recent interview with Yangi Media, the young lawyer said that contrary to popular belief, she was never suspended from the NBA.


She said,“I was never suspended. I mean, we all know that Nigerian Bar Association is a reputable organization. If I were suspended, they will make it known to the public that this is what happened. It wouldn’t come from blogs.”


She said she doesn’t conform to societal norms because society expects women to be submissive and docile.
Ifunanya added that she would continue with her lifestyle regardless of what society thinks of her.

Watch her speak below;


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