May 20, 2024

  • A Nigerian woman who recently welcomed a baby girl was displeased about the gender she delivered
  • Despite her husband comforting her, the unhappy woman burst into tears, saying she wanted a boy instead
  • Her emotional outburst clip has stirred massive reactions on social medi as netizens weighed in on it


A Nigerian woman shed tears after delivering a baby girl, saying she had always wanted to give birth to a boy as her first child.

In a video recording made in a car and shared on TikTok, the woman was being comforted by her doting husband.


The woman explained that she was disappointed, adding that her little princess chose to come first against her wish.

“I was hoping she’s going to be a boy. But her dad win,” she captioned the video.

The lady’s husband drew her close and wiped tears from her eyes, assuring her that the next child would be a boy.

Watch the video below:

@maya_hairs2 I was hoping she’s going to be a boy. But her dad win ❤️❤️#newmom #newbornbaby #pregnancy #CapCut #viralvideo #capcutedit #explorepage #pisces ♬ original sound – ssennonoedward


Social media reactions

user9423543375709 said:

“No don’t do that baby girls first are the best but you will enjoy baby girls than boys. From experience, I am telling you. I have 3 boys and 1 girl.”

Janet said:

“Baby fit shock you! I was told it’s gonna be a baby girl until I had my baby boy.”

Cake’s by pp said:

“She should appreciate God for giving her a child. So many people want a child no matter the gender.”

user5134579827577 said:

“I feel your pain girl. I am experiencing same thing but you can’t change it. It will be the best.”

Full Chicken said:

“I have t*wo girls but them don steal their dad from my hand. But I love dat and am happy he is happy.”

Kofoworola Omobolanle said:

“Help me tell her I have 5 boys here. She should come and see how I am living. Shouting like a mad woman everyday. Let’s just be thankful.”

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