April 21, 2024

Blessing CEO, a self-acclaimed relationship expert has turned to social media to react after being pranked by content creators.

In a video sighted on Instagram, the content creators who pranked the relationship therapist used some men dressed in a police outfit driving in a police van.

They crossed Blessing while she was driving to the airport. The self-acclaimed policemen were seen dragging her out of her car into their van faking an arrest. Blessing was seen crying like a baby while seated in the police van.

Watch the video below…

Reacting to the prank, Blessing CEO explained in a post on her official Instagram profile that taking content production to the limit is harassment.

She proceeded to send a message to the prankster, indicating that he would be the first person she would teach a lesson to.

“Taking content creation to the extreme is harassment, how dare you this silly boy. You will be the first person I will teach a lesson with this your prank drama.

Ask onyeze how it ended up after his own drama.
Just wait for me, you will pay for damages and still face the law, I go use you do example since na police u a one use dey do una drama .. when I am done with you with the law, I go drag u with media after that I go use juju ….”



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