July 15, 2024

Nigerian lady has shared an emotional clip online where she narrated, in tears, what her boyfriend of three years did to her.

The lady revealed that her boyfriend got married to another girl she had no idea about while still in a relationship with her.


She noted that while they were in a relationship, her partner had always been against her posting his pictures on social media.


The lady also stated in her caption that her partner had emphasized the fact that he didn’t want them to publicize their relationship because he liked a private one.

She, however, received a rude shock when she was going through his friend’s WhatsApp status recently and discovered that he had gotten married to another lady.

According to her, his friends, whom she was familiar with, had shared several photos of her boyfriend with his new bride on social media, wishing them a happy married life.

She wrote “No wonder he’s always warning me never to post him that he loves a private relationship. I’m still trying to process everything, I swore I’ll never text him or call him, I won’t seek clarity, I don’t even want to know how or why it happened, he did what he did, I felt what I felt, it is what it is.”

Many Internet users who came across the video have pacified her via the comment section. In their opinion, she needs to move on and find love again.

Watch the video below,



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