July 14, 2024

She further explained that the reason for such a high price is because she is still a virgin.


Controversial Nigerian lawyer and content creator, Ifunanya Excel, has caused a stir after revealing her extraordinarily high bride price.


Ifunanya, who gained social media attention after her private videos leaked online, disclosed the hefty cost to marry her in a recent Twitter post.

According to her, her bride price is an astonishing $15 million.


She further explained that the reason for such a high price is because she is still a virgin.

“My bride price is $15 million because I’m still a virgin,” she wrote on Twitter.


Her revelation raised eyebrows, with the majority expressing doubt over her claim of being a virgin.

This comes after Ifunanya Excel finally reacted to her private photo that leaked online some time ago.

A few months back, a private photo of the young female lawyer circulated on the internet, leading to reports that she had been suspended from the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) due to misconduct. However, the NBA debunked these claims.


Reacting to the leaked photo saga, in a recent interview with Yangi Media, Ifunanya stated that it was a mistake and that she is not ashamed of it.


She mentioned that, if given the chance, she would have preferred for the photo to be taken off the internet. However, since there was nothing she could do about it, she decided to move on from the incident.


“Well, the nudes leaked and it wasn’t my fault contrary to popular opinion. Because people feel like, the way I’m wild, I will go to the length of leaking my nudes maybe for popularity or anything but that was not what happened, honestly.

“If I have my way, I wouldn’t even want that to happen. But that is how I saw it and there is nothing I can do. Well, it’s actually a picture. Just a picture. It wasn’t a video. I’m sure that many people have seen the picture. And funny enough I don’t feel ashamed of it. I think the picture is actually sexy. But as I said, it was just a mistake.” She said.

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