July 19, 2024

Eudoxie Yao, the Ivorian girlfriend of Guinean singer Grand P, asserts that her affection for her boyfriend is authentic, emphasizing that she didn’t stay with him for financial gain or fame.


Despite a previous breakup in 2021 due to alleged infidelity, the couple has reconciled, and their love appears to be thriving once again.


Revealing in an interview in Ghana, Eudoxie Yao set the record straight for those who believe she is with him for his wealth.


She insisted she loves him genuinely, adding that they went through challenging times together that strengthened their bond.


Eudoxie Yao claims she had learnt a lot from Grand P during the period of their relationship, clarifying she isn’t dating him for social media attention.


She revealed they are planning to get married soon, but refused to say anything about their intimate affairs, calling it a secret.

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