June 10, 2024

An elderly Nigerian man whose age is believed to be around 50+ who spent more than a decade abroad returned to Nigeria broke after people drained his savings.


In a TikTok video, the man, who has lived in places like Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), South Korea, Japan, and some Asian countries, said he was making about N3m monthly working abroad.


Now poor and in Nigeria, he makes N50k monthly working as a security guard.


He spoke fluent English while answering questions from @a.a_clown2.


The aged security guard said he always tried to stay positive despite everything he had been through.


After @a.a_clown2 gave him N10k, the man became emotional and expressed his deepest gratitude.


Watch the video below:


@a.a_clown2 Baba wasted 15-20 years of his life in asian country by entrusting his life savings to w*cked people who drained him financially and ended up being a security guard in Nigeria. Don’t trust people with your wealth especially when you’re in overseas @mufasatundeednut #vir ♬ original sound – a.a_clown


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