April 21, 2024

A female barber has caught the attention of her followers with a video showing her attending to her customer. As of May 3, the video posted by @femalebarber has continued to receive reactions from her fans and followers.

“The guy is not moving his right hand.”


@saralo commented: “Since I saw the hand of Mr. Chui directly passed to see the comments.”


@Owusu Sefa said: “I know everyone was going to talk about the guy’s hand.”


@Mellowga622 commented: “Even if his body is itching he will not remove that hand.”


@user3905297381588 said: “They are the best.”


@Frantz commented: “He got a clean cut and hand warming therapy services. She definitely deserved a big tip.”


@eyizeontheworld said: “That’s how you keep him from not moving his head! As a matter of fact, he’s frozen right there!.


Watch Video below



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