July 14, 2024


A female barber has caught the attention of her followers with a video showing her attending to her customer.


As of May 3, the video posted by @femalebarber has continued to receive reactions from her fans and followers.


In the 13 seconds video, the lady attended to a male customer who sat calmly and peacefully as he received the service


The barber was very focused with much attention to detail. She was done cutting the hair and was focused on finishing when the video was recorded.


The man’s calmness in the video has made some people suggest he liked that a female barber was attending to him.
When the video was posted, it gained a lot of traction and gathered 499k views on the platform

Reactions from TikTok users

@Kwadwo Khaled said:

“The guy is not moving his right hand.”

@saralo commented: “Since I saw the hand of Mr. Chui directly passed to see the comments.”

@Owusu Sefa said: “I know everyone was going to talk about the guy’s hand.”

@Mellowga622 commented: “Even if his body is itching he will not remove that hand.”

@user3905297381588 said: “They are the best.”

@Frantz commented: “He got a clean cut and hand warming therapy services. She definitely deserved a big tip.”


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