July 19, 2024


  • A Nigerian lady who said that she can never go into marriage with a person earning N70,000 salary has stirred mixed reactions
  • The lady has a bitter facial expression that such money was below her when she was asked to give reasons for her decision
  • Nigerians who reacted to her video said that she was overreaching as many men were not earning up to that when they got married


A beautiful Nigerian lady has, in a vox pop video organised by @kikiotolu, revealed the class of a salaried worker she could never marry.

The lady said that she cannot consider a man earning N70k every month. She said the money is too small to keep the relationship going.


Citing her reason to show she understands the reality of N70k salary, the lady said that she earns the same thing.


The way she said an emphatic “NO” to the question of “Can you marry a man who earns N70k monthly?” stirred massive reactions in the video’s comment section.

Watch the video below:

@kikiotoluIs Seventy Thousand Monthly Salary too small?🥹

♬ original sound – KikioTolu 🌟


As of the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 2000 comments with more than 18,000 likes.

WE compiled some of the reactions below:

@user3114430493435 said:

“Even my husband earns N45k and we still have God blessings.”

@gabrielujah5 said:

“I was earning 40k when I got married but am earning over 350k today.”

@Ebirim Uche Prince-bernard said:

“If I earn 70k a month I won’t marry.”


“Am a guy I can’t marry a girl that earn 70k.”

@Edweirdo said:

“Why would he want to marry with just 70k salary in this country? Nawaooooo!!!”

@ennyhorla4 said:

“Ole see mouth na 1m you for find na them Dey end up with a man who earn 20k per month.”

@user samueljames said:

“U go see husband well well.”

@user4112698662145 said:

“That means we that’s earning 10k per month this marriage is not for me ooo araaagala marriage ooo God have mercy.”

@Michael4god said:

“70k+70k is 140k you still say it’s too small na to use you do ritual be the thing.”

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