July 18, 2024

Nollywood actress Uche Okoye proudly asserts that she can never be an understanding girlfriend, emphasizing her preference for luxurious spending on her hair.

In a video showcasing her glamorous appearance, the curvaceous movie star flaunts her expensive hair and clothing, confidently expressing her indulgence in lavish beauty investments.

She noted that she cannot be categorized with other ordinary women. According to her, only her hair costs a shocking 750,000 naira and for that she can never be an understanding girlfriend.


Uche Okoye advised men who cannot afford her lifestyle to stick with the regular women whose needs they can meet.

She wrote:

“Hair 750K I can never be a understanding girlfriend pls u all should stick to the regular women pls.”

See her Instagram post below:

Read some reactions below:

fortune_of_soton wrote: “Lmao regular girls still dey buy 750k hair, buy the 3m one then come and brag my dear😂

leeyymarrhh wrote: “They’re girls that wear hair more than that price and they still don’t make noise”

cy_cyril said: “Keep buying it, men are not complaining. It’s like me renting an apartment for 5 million and I am shouting, I’m not an understanding bf, my rent is 5 million. See how d*mb that sounds? 😂

king_ezuor wrote: “The things y’all brag about (fake hair, fake nails, fake lashes etc 😂) that makes you “above regular” are the things that your target audience doesn’t care about. Hit us with something real, like i accomplished this professionally, I passed this course, I got this award, I can cook better than you…. 😫

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