June 11, 2024


Do you want to make money while playing a pet simulation game?

Do you want to discover how to make a lot of money playing Nintendogs?

If that’s the case, consider yourself fortunate to have arrived here. Nintendogs is a Nintendo DS video game that was released in Japan in 2005. Later on, the game is played in many venues across the country.

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What is Nintendogs and how does it work?

Money and “trainer points” are the two coins in the game. The player earns or loses trainer points based on their activities, and money is spent on things. Extra points can be spent on dogs and backgrounds to help players beautify their homes. Players get trainer points by strolling their pets.

The duration of your walk and the activities you accomplish along the route determine the number of points you get. As the dog progresses down the trail, a question mark icon appears on the map, indicating the presence of additional dogs nearby.

When a player’s dog encounters a present bearing the “?” mark insignia, it will bark once, or twice if the player owns a community dog. When a player’s dog encounters another dog, the two can either fight or play.

What Are Some Ways To Make Cash?

There are two ways to gain money: entering contests and selling items.  Each competition is separated into five levels, ranging from beginner to championship, with the level of difficulty increasing as the competition goes.

The player will earn more money as his or her level grows. Three players are chosen as the competition’s champion, first runner-up, and second runner-up. Each competition is practiced in various locations, including the park with the disc, the gym with agility, and the house with obedience. Each dog is only permitted to participate in three competitions each day.

Another option to make money is to sell your belongings. You can sell anything you find on the road or something you’ve bought while traveling. Rare things command a higher price since they are more precious. To sell an item, go to the “Shopping” option and search your supply list for products you no longer require.

8 steps to making money on Nintendogs

  1. The dog with the longest energy bar should be chosen.
  2. Take a walk with your dog(s).
  3. Visit as many blue question marks as you can while retracing your steps. At times, there will be a presence, and at other times, you will interact with other people. Before bringing your dog on a walk, make sure it is well fed.
  4. Keep any gifts you receive unless you already have a lot of tennis balls.
  5. You might be able to discover goodies on the street if you make your dog run swiftly. Stop your dog and he’ll bring them back to you. It’s usually a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it could also be a one-of-a-kind item.
  6. If you already have thousands of the item, sell the rewards you got up at the thrift store. Your gifts could be anything from a boot to a drink bottle. Boots will cost you $9, while drink bottles will cost you around 80 cents each. Don’t offer that thing to your pets because it’s bad for them.
  7. To teach your dogs, go to a park or an agility training school. The park is ideal for disc golf, and the agility training facility is designed exclusively for agility competitions.
  8. Participate in dog tournaments with your pets. If you win, you will receive additional funds.


Nintendogs is a dog-themed game with fantastic features that is completely family friendly. As an added plus, it offers a fantastic function that allows the player to earn money while having fun.

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