April 14, 2024

  • A beautiful groundnut seller decided to dance in public and the moment was captured in a video that has gone viral
  • She said she cannot kill herself because there are problems so she decided to dance and be happy while hawking
  • She has posted the video on TikTok and it was well-received by dance lovers who call her a good dancer

TikTok video has shown a fine groundnut seller using dance to entertain people in public.

The 16 seconds video posted by @ndd4rius90 shows how the lady used her waist to dance smoothly and sweetly.

The lady danced smoothly while hawking her groundnut. Photo credit: TikTok/@ndd4rius90.Source: TikTok

She said there are a lot of problems but that she cannot kill herself. Dancing was therefore a way of making herself happy.

Groundnut seller goes viral after dancing in public

The lady began her dance with very smooth waist moves that saw her gently moving her body.

At that moment, someone who saw her started shouting because the lady is a good dancer.

She moved from waist dance to using all her body. Her hand gestures were superb and her smiles became visible when she turned to face the camera.

Other hawkers who were present when she danced watched in total amazement and one of them even joined her on stage.

Dance loves who have seen the video on TikTok have appreciated her with positive words.


Watch the video below:


I can’t kill myself because things got hard for me

♬ original sound – ND-D4rius90

Reactions from TikTok users

@Ernest Tettey Nartey said:

“Happiness is free.”

@abena Mary reacted:

“Work and happiness. We pray God protect them out there.”

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