May 29, 2024


  • Patricia Ampofo, a determined woman from Ghana and her twin brother served as role models for many after they earned their medical degrees
  • Patricia tweeted about their remarkable accomplishments while they were dressed in white coats
  • After she announced their academic milestones with the adorable images, netizens hailed them in the comments section


When Patricia Ampofo, a determined Ghanaian woman, and her diligent twin brother realized their dreams of becoming doctors, it inspired many.

Patricia announced their accomplishments on social media after they became doctors in 2022.


Patricia and her twin brother rock white coats

The pair wore white coats in numerous pictures on her Twitter account, creating beautiful memories.

Sharing the adorable images online, she left details of where they earned their certificates to become qualified health practitioners.

”MY TWIN BROTHER AND I ARE DOCTORS,” her caption read on Twitter.

See the full tweet below:


Patricia and her twin brother beamed with smiles in their white coats in the images which received praises from netizens.

Netizens hail Patricia and her twin brother

@dr_amanski said:

Congratulations to you two.

@ampofo_patricia replied:

Thank you.

@saviou_rrr said:

Waited six years to post this.

@ampofo_patricia replied:

I really did.

@blackcsson commented:

Congratulations, Dr Patrick and Dr Patricia.

@fixondennis posted:

Congratulations. You guys want to twin in everything.

@2legit2Quit_Now said:

Congratulations! Money is good.

@drayyyy22 reacted:

Great news. Good work done.

@Kwame_jn said:

Congrats to you all.

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