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In this guide, I’ll share with you all the requirements for applying to Google AdSense and getting approved. So, If you are interested in getting fast approval from AdSense, you’ve come to the right place.

After carrying out extensive and intensive research, I’ve been able to come up with all the AdSense approval hacks you can apply to get approval fast, even on a new blog.

Getting approved for AdSense is not difficult at all. With proper guidance, you won’t have to apply multiple times.

I got approval the first time I applied using this blog. But before then, I had suffered multiple rejections using other blogs. I tried all I could using those blogs, but never got AdSense approval.

After suffering multiple rejections applying with those blogs, I was eager to learn everything about AdSense and never make those same mistakes again.

If you don’t like the video, or you simply want to learn more, then, continue reading.

So many new bloggers that have suffered multiple rejections keep asking me this question.

Maybe you are missing out on some important AdSense requirements… Some simple approval hacks. In fact, it’s not really a hack so to say. All that is required of you is to getting updated with the right information and applying whatever lessons you learn here to your blog.

Some of the information you find on the internet regarding Google AdSense, SEO, or the internet best practices may be outdated.

Don’t blame the publishers. Many bloggers have too much to attend to at once.

Note: This blog post is over 3000 words and has been heavily researched. I make sure it is constantly updated, so as to include every major update. if you are interested in getting fast AdSense approval, I advise you to read every single word in this publication

How to get your AdSense account approved fast

Nobody loves getting rejected by Google AdSense. It’s never a good feeling. Most times, people get discouraged after seeing AdSense reject their application.

Since you are here now, I can almost guarantee you won’t be a victim of multiple AdSense rejections. Because in this post, I’ll be sharing with you all the important information I gathered during my research.

After reading this publication, I bet your next AdSense application would be accepted in no time (If you follow all the instructions in this guide).

1. You don’t need organic traffic but it increases your chances of approval

Although you may get approved even without organic traffic, but getting organic traffic will boost your chances of approval by a great deal.

Start a blog targeted at a niche you won’t find it difficult to compete. That way, you’ll not only get faster AdSense approval, the chances of earning something substantial will be increased.

For instance, it is very difficult to rank for terms in the blogging niche. Now, It takes 100 times as much effort compared to 10 years ago.

Not just the blogging niche, ranking for terms in technological gadget is not so easy anymore. You may have to niche down even further to rank for specific keywords. The generic keywords have been ranked for and it’s almost impossible to outrank the websites that rank for those terms.

If you make a Google Search for the term ‘technological gadgets‘, you’ll get over 10 million results.

That was the response a person got on the AdSense Help Forum after his application got rejected because he applied for AdSense using a saturated niche blog and after so many blog posts, was not generating enough visitors.

You can get AdSense approval even on a competitive niche blog – as it was in my own case. But like I said, you have to rank for certain keywords that will bring organic traffic to your site. Even if it is a very small amount of monthly visitors.

Organic traffic are visitors generated to your website by search engines. It is highly important to get organic traffic if you’re gonna make substantial income from your blog.

2. You don’t need 100 plus daily page views

Someone once asked me if AdSense required 100+ daily page views to approve accounts. Answer is, you don’t need that amount of traffic. In my case, I was getting only 40-50 daily page views and still got approved.

The good thing was, 100% of my visitors was organic. So, whatever you do, make sure you are getting visitors from Google, no matter how little, before applying to AdSense.

If you are building a niche blog that is already saturated, then you will have to work extremely hard to get noticed on the web. Do a proper keyword research using SEO audit tools like Semrush.

In my opinion, there are thousands of blogs already established on every niche you can imagine. Education, health and fitness, sports, celebrity gossip… to name a few.

Those blogs have been there for years and have hundreds of external domains linking to them. It is very difficult to rank against such websites. All you can do is to target loopholes.

You can use Semrush to know the keywords that send traffic to your competitors, detect the ones that are easy to rank for and integrate those keywords to your blog posts.

How to get your AdSense account approved fast

3. You need 100% original contents

Most news and entertainment blogs cover similar happenings from around the world. However, you will notice that the big websites carry a good editorial work on their news publications. Such that, even if they are reporting on the same events, they are presented in completely different ways.

You need to publish original contents on your blog. This is one of the most important things to do.100% original blog posts get faster AdSense approval.

How do you publish original contents? It demands

  • Brainstorming
  • Understanding your topics
  • Proper research
  • Zero copy scrape

It doesn’t matter the type of blog you run, be it a travel blog, food blog, news blog, etc. Your content must be different from that of other websites all over the internet.

There are many free online resources to help check your blog posts for plagiarism, check out Grammarly. or Copy Scape to analyze your website for plagiarism.

Here’s a sample of an AdSense request that was recently rejected.

A person complained about his applications getting rejected multiple times and that was the response he got in return.

This was something I myself, was a victim of many years ago. I was working on a news blog, sections of my blog was actually copied contents. With that blog, I was not getting any organic traffic and tested positive to plagiarism. Capital offenses one and two.

If you are planning on getting AdSense Approval for a news blog, then don’t copy and paste. If you do, your AdSense application would get rejected.

How to get your AdSense account approved fast Continues..

4. Avoid copyrighted or Highly graphic Images

If your websites contains copyrighted images used without permission, your AdSense application would be rejected. This is clearly stated in the Google AdSense Program Policy.

That was the response a person got after complaining that his AdSense application was rejected for image related copyright violation.

If you have used any copyrighted photos on your blog, I advise you remove all of them before your application.

Use of highly graphic pictures is completely prohibited on AdSense. Pictures that display brutal killings, violent scenes or sexually explicit contents. If you have any of these pictures on your blog, I advise you remove them before your application.

5. You need Sufficient Content

If you have original contents on your blog, you have avoided use of copyrighted and highly graphic contents, another thing you must do is to make sure your blog posts are long enough.

To get a better search engine rank, there’s a minimum amount of words that must be contained in your blog posts. SEO experts advise at least 300 words.

Although AdSense has not expressly voiced out its opinion on this, after seeing a lot of AdSense rejections due to insufficient content, I have come out with my own standard.

Since your goal is to rank high on search engines, I advise you go higher than 300 words. Let’s say, 500 and above. Reason is that, if your blog post is lengthy enough, there will be enough spaces to place Google ads on your blog.

Apart from having lengthy contents, they must be quality contents. You must avoid too many grammatical errors and your writeup must be highly readable. Through this, your application would not be rejected because of a poor writing skill.

That’s an AdSense expert addressing a user who complained that his application was rejected as a result of insufficient contents. Having enough contents is not always the issue, but having enough quality contents.

Insufficient content may mean that you don’t carry out proper proofreading you your articles. There are probably too many typos and grammatical errors.

Apart from getting rejected by AdSense with such blogs, It may become a stumbling block to the growth of your blog and limit your ability to earn better.

5. You need to also add pages not just posts

There are a few pages that are deemed necessary by AdSense. People that add al the relevant pages get faster AdSense approval compared to people that don’t. You may end up not even getting approved if you don’t add the necessary pages.

Here are the pages you need to add to your blog before applying to AdSense:

Privacy Policy:

Privacy policy page assures your readers or blog users of the safety of whatever information they share on your website. It is one of the most important pages every website must have.

The privacy policy page contains, but not limited to the following details: Information collection, information usage, information protection, third Party disclosure, Cookie usage, Google AdSense fair information practice, etc.

If you are wondering how to include all these information, or probably you are feeling daunted by the lengthy writeup, I have a good news for you. You don’t have to write all those things by yourself.

There are websites that can help you generate all these data for free. All you need to do is copy and paste to your website’s page. Try free privacy policy generator.

About Page:

Your websites about page is a very important page. It is the page that gives your audience a clear understanding of what your website is all about.

To write a good about page, you need to sound very casual and friendly. Your readers must feel a bit of connection to you when they read your about page.

If you are confused on how to go about the writing of an about page for your website, take a look at ours. you may get a few Ideas from reading about us.

Contact Page:

Also, you need to add a contact page to your blog before applying for Google AdSense. Aside from the fact that it is required by google AdSense, I feel it is one of the most important pages every website must have. It makes your readers know you are accessible, which is essential for your blog growth.

Those are the three pages AdSense deems important from my observation. So, you must make sure they are included before your next application. You can go ahead and add other pages as per your needs.

In my own case, I had a disclosure page, because of the affiliate product and links found in my website.

6. You don’t need to take down affiliate links

One of my readers once messaged me saying…”do I have to take off my affiliate products before applying to AdSense”? Answer is no. You don’t have to do that.

When I applied to AdSense, I had a few affiliate products hanging on my blog sidebar and homepage. I got approval even with that.

But here’s the thing…

If you have added a few affiliate products to sections of your site – your blog or homepage, then you must make sure they are well detailed and not thin.

Affiliate products cannot be promoted in too many ways. Reviews on them are very similar. As a result, it is very easy for websites promoting similar affiliate products be a victim of duplicate contents.

If your website has duplicate contents issues, or you promote affiliate products with thin descriptions, your application would be rejected.

In fact, just make sure you don’t have affiliate products displayed in every page of your blog before applying for Google AdSense.

Another thing you must be aware of is that, your Google rank may suffer if you don’t add contents on your blog that add values to your visitors. If the sole aim of your blog is to promote affiliate products.

Also, make sure you add a disclosure page to your site before applying to AdSense. It is important that all affiliate marketers have a disclosure page.

How to get your AdSense account approved fast continues

7. You need to reduce ads served by AdSense rivals

Maybe you have gotten account approval and display ads from other advertisement companies, like RevContent, Taboola, etc.

If that’s the case, then you need to reduce or remove ads served by those sites before applying to AdSense. AdSense does not approve sites that do not comply with its ads policy.

You could perform that temporarily – till your site has undergone all the review processes.

8. You need a good theme and site structure

Customizing your theme properly is a huge requirement. Your visitors must be able to understand what your blog is all about from the homepage.

Your site must also be easy to navigate. If you use a static homepage, then do well to add links to your blog, pages, categories and other important sections of your site. These links must be very visible right from your homepage.

I talked about creating a Privacy policy, contact and about page. Those pages become useless if visitors can’t see a link to them.

And for theme color and styling… I believe most themes are designed with the colors that work, so color shouldn’t be much of an issue if you stick to the default colors of your theme.

9. You don’t need a TLD but you should use one

This goes out to everyone looking to get AdSense approval on a BlogSpot blog. If that’s the case for you, I advise you to setup a custom domain on your blog before applying to AdSense.

This is not required to get AdSense approval. However, I have deemed it necessary to include this point in my publication.

You may get Google AdSense approval on a free blogger blog. But the issue is, if and when you decide to set up a custom domain name on your free blog, you will have to fill out a new form informing AdSense.

And guess what! Your application would be treated like that of a new applicant. I bet you wouldn’t want to go through another daunting AdSense review on your blog.

How to get your AdSense account approved fast

10. You may be required to use a 6 months old blog

Unlike the UK and the US, it is more difficult to get fast AdSense approval in some countries.

According to Google AdSense, advertisers from some countries require that your site be up to 6 months old.

The countries where advertisers do not accept blogs not up to 6 months old are majorly developing countries in Asia and Africa.

However, you can still get fast AdSense approval applying to those countries. I have helped a few of my readers achieve that. All it takes is developing your site properly, adding all the relevant pages and making sure you get organic traffic.

11. You need to publish using an AdSense supported language

The Google AdSense Program does not support a few languages. If your blog posts are served in an unsupported language, then your application will not be accepted. So for you application to be accepted, then you must publish in one of their supported languages.

If you have a multilingual blog, then you will have to choose a primary language during your application. You will be able to serve your ads on sections of your blog that is published with the AdSense supported languages.

Note: Even after your application is accepted, you are not permitted to display ads on any part of your blog that is not published with the AdSense supported Languages.

After meeting all of the above requirements, follow my AdSense setup guide to sign up for AdSense now.

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I told you at the beginning of this writeup that if you follow all the guidelines in this article, your AdSense application would be accepted.

I want to make it clear that NaijaHomeBased has zero affiliation with the AdSense program. Hence, we do not influence or dictate how AdSense Accepts or rejects an application.

If your AdSense application gets rejected having observed all the steps in this publication. Please, do not feel hard done by.

I want you to know that Google AdSense is an already established company. Hence, there’s a lot of competition to become their publisher.

If you feel there’s nothing wrong with your website, try applying to the best AdSense alternatives out there, or focus on promotion of affiliate programs – while still bearing it in mind to observe Google Webmasters Quality Guide.

Also, if your application gets rejected, then you need to have a look at our post for understanding and correcting Google AdSense rejection messages.

I wish you best of luck in your AdSense application.

Do not forget to get in touch with me if you faced any issues while applying to Google AdSense.

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If you have any other questions, feel free to ask using the comment section below.

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