April 21, 2024

Flavour Celebrates the Remarkable Journey of his Adopted Son, Semah G Weifur


Renowned Nigerian singer, Flavour, has taken to social media to share heartwarming moments of his adopted son, Semah G Weifur, showcasing the incredible transformation over the past five years.


The photos, which recently surfaced online, have captivated netizens and drawn attention to Semah’s inspiring story.




In 2017, Flavour made headlines when he adopted Semah G Weifur, a visually impaired child from Liberia. Semah, who was born with impaired vision, relied on the support of Monrovia-based NGO, Christian Association of the Blind (CAB), for his survival.


Despite facing the challenges associated with visual impairment, Semah’s indomitable spirit and unwavering determination fueled his dream of becoming a vocalist.


Flavour, along with music producer Masterkraft, served as Semah’s role models before their paths eventually crossed.


The singer’s commitment to Semah’s well-being and growth is evident in the recent video and photos shared on social media, showcasing the remarkable transformation and development of the young talent.

Semah’s journey with Flavour has not only been a tale of personal growth but also a testament to the power of mentorship and compassion.



Flavour’s decision to adopt Semah in 2017 not only changed the young boy’s life but also highlighted the importance of giving back to the community and supporting those with special needs.


As the video circulates online, fans and well-wishers have flooded social media platforms with messages of admiration for both Flavour and Semah.


The heartening visuals serve as a reminder of the positive impact that artists can have on the lives of those in need, transcending the boundaries of music and entertainment.

Flavour’s dedication to Semah’s well-being and musical aspirations reflects the potential for artists to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals facing adversity.


The story of Semah G Weifur is not just a narrative of triumph over challenges but also an ode to the transformative power of compassion and mentorship within the entertainment industry.


Watch the video and Photos below;









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