May 29, 2024


Lady, an Instagram influencer, recently posted a video of her twerking to her followers.

The video was a part of a larger series of Instagram reels she’s been posting recently, which feature her dancing to various songs.


n the video, Lady wears a vibrant gray dress. She begins the video by striking a few poses before launching into her twerk moves.


She expertly spins and shakes her hips, executing each move with precision and grace. The video quickly gained traction, racking up thousands of views within minutes.


Many of Lady’s followers praised her skill and creativity, while others simply enjoyed the lighthearted and feel-good vibes the video gave off.


The video continues to be a hit among Lady’s followers, with many of them excitedly awaiting her next reel.

Hopefully, it will be just as exciting as this one!

Watch the video below

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