July 14, 2024

A Nigerian man turns heads on social media as he stops his vehicle on his way to his daughter‘s university graduation to rescue 9 people from a burning car.


This was revealed in a post made available on TikTok.


It was alleged that the man was on his way to the graduation party of his daughter when he noticed a burning car with people in it.


Immediately, he instructed his driver to stop, and he began to find ways to save the lives of these people.


While many were unwilling to help, the man revealed that he mustered the courage and was willing to give his all to save the people.


Eventually, he was able to break the window of the vehicle and, with the help of a few persons, saved 9 passengers.


The caption of the post detailing the incident reads: “I was on my way to my daughter’s graduation when I came across a burning vehicle. The passengers inside were screaming for help.”


“So, I quickly asked my driver to stop the car. When we got down, I asked my driver to rush around and get help since it was obvious.”


“When I approached the vehicle, I noticed that it had fallen on the side of the door, making it impossible to force it open. Luckily, an idea came into my mind and I went straight for the windshield.”


“At this point, my driver had alerted some people around, but when they came, most of them were acting scared and reluctant to join me.”


“I was almost giving up. The fire at the back of the bus increased, and I could hear voices screaming in pain and fear. It was so terrifying.”


“At this point, it was getting risky for me as well. Hearing those passengers begging me not to give up got me. Most of those passengers could be someone’s parent. I’m an orphan and I know how it feels to lose a father or a mom, worse still, both parents. It got me in tears.”


“I knew that I couldn’t give up. At this point, I was ready for whatever was coming. Honestly, I was ready to go with them if that should be the case. I looked around and was lucky to find something that was heavy and big enough to break the windshield. That’s how I was able to save up to 9 people.”


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