July 14, 2024


  • The video of a determined old woman who is still hustling in the open market has gone viral on TikTok
  • The woman who sells fish was seen in a market where she was hustling, but there weren’t customers
  • TikTok users have appreciated the woman for refusing to stay idle, as some say she inspires them


An old woman has become a viral sensation after she was seen in a TikTok video hustling in a market.

In the emotional video posted on the platform by @s.o.r.o.m.i.d.a.y.o, the woman was seen selling fresh fish.


At the moment the video was recorded, the woman didn’t have customers, so she was sitting alone.

Determined woman who sells fish goes viral

She looked unhappy as her face was very mournful as no one came to her table to buy as at that time.

The person who posted the video encouraged people to patronise old women who come out to hustle despite their age.

The appeal reads:

“Anytime you see them in the market, just patronise them. They are not looking for money to buy expensive jewelry or clothe. They just want to feed their children.”

Meanwhile, the video has sparked emotional reactions from TikTok users.

Watch the video below:

@s.o.r.o.m.i.d.a.y.o May the Almighty bless all struggling mothers who hustle to bring food on the table for their kids.🙏🏽😩🥹 #bbo @BBO @Pulse Nigeria @TikTok Trends #fyp ♬ original sound – BBO


Reactions from TikTok users


“My mother went through this, hawking groundnut just to make sure we are ok. But then, she lost her life in a water accident five years ago.”

@exboiomolaw reacted:

“I don’t like seeing mothers suffering. It spoils my mind.”

@pinkyife1234 said:

“My grandmother did everything to help me finish school. I don’t have parents but she was there for me.”

@iam_ara__ said:

“OMG, I cried while watching this. My mum has been in this situation before, but thanks to God.”

“This has been my situation for the past two months. I opened my shop but customers are not coming.

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