June 10, 2024

  • A Nigerian lady has shared a video of her grandmother’s reaction after taking her to a pizza shop
  • In the video, the lady said she wanted her granny to have a taste of pizza for the first time in her entire existence
  • Social media users have penned down hilarious comments regarding the clip as many found the video intriguing


A Nigerian lady recently decided to offer a special treat to her grandmother who hadn’t tasted pizza in her life.

The doting granddaughter took the older woman to a pizza shop and ordered a box of peppered pizza.

As soon as the waiter brought it, she handed it over to her granny and asked her to open the box and eat the pizza.

After unboxing, the woman first looked at the pizza and asked if it was bread designed with flowers.

Her daughter found the question hilarious and pleaded with the woman to go on and have a taste.

Sadly, after tasting it, the woman was not having it at all. She immediately shifted the box and stopped smiling.

“At this point, I was so scared”, the daughter noted.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

Temmys_coutoure_andfabrics said:

“Grandma wasn’t feeling it.”

Koko_barbz reacted:

“Dominos Nigeria pizza is overrated, in fact, it’s not even in 4756th best pizza in the world! The bread is too thick, they add not enough cheese, when u order for pepperoni they add just 4- 5 of the pepperoni! I don’t recommend!”

Jumok_e said:

“If not pressure, normally, pizza isn’t go great.”

Faith__ivy commented:

“Am so convinced y’all sleep in the commet section, not me hoping do be the first person to comment then boom.”

There_brah noted:

“That first bite with tomatoes na error.”

Bukunmipreacher reacted:

“Forget the pizza. Moments like this are more precious than gold. For the grandma and the grandkid.”

Lady_ivybel added:

“If you want someone to fancy pizza, dominos pizza isn’t the first type of pizza they should try. Try Debonairs instead.”

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