July 14, 2024


Matthew Precious Kelechi and Amakor Johnson, two former security guards known as Happie Boys were sent on a study scholarship to Cyprus by Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere of Omega Power Ministries, but they ended up losing focus.


CorrectNG gathered that the two boys who became famous after their dance video went viral, lived lavishly at the expense of the clergyman.


A source who craved anonymity, disclosed that duo have been performing poorly academically, and were living like celebrities instead of focusing on their studies.



Happie Boys were said to have been bringing different girls to the house Apostle Chibuzor rented for them, hosting parties with a lot of drinkng and smoking.


The source said Kelechi and Johnson’s grades were so abysmally disappointing that they failed six out of seven courses in the university.


According to the source; “They post all this smoking and drinking on social media, they even smoke and drink in church during service you can imagine. They carry different girls to the apartment he rented for them they even turned the apartment to a club house because theirs never a time they don’t party.


They lived a flamboyant life with the money he gives them, buys expensive clothes and shoes just to show off. He even looked out for job for them so they could be comfortable and atleast help their families back home.



They where never serious with their academics, they had so many reports. A man that’s not related to you paid your flight ticket from Nigeria to Cyprus, paid rent, utility bills, water bills for 6 consecutive months. Their grades in school is not encouraging at all.


How can someone fail 6 courses out of 7 for school fees that is over how many million. They smoke and drink to the open knowing fully aware that they’re sponsored through church, our G.O Warned them on several occasions but they kept deaf ears to his warnings


They post all this smoking and drinking on social media. they even smoke and drink in church during service you can imagine.”


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