May 29, 2024

Looking for free Netflix accounts? Congratulations, your search is over. We are giving away free premium Netflix accounts to our visitors daily. All you have to do is follow some rules and enjoy your free Netflix subscription sponsored by us.

Netflix offers a huge selection of movies and TV shows, 40% of which are Netflix originals created by the company itself. Netflix offers a variety of programmings, such as Netflix Originals and Netflix Specials. In addition to its original content, Netflix also offers a wide variety of videos from other sources.

Netflix Cookies are also shared in this post, even though you can view an unlimited number of movies and shows in HD with an unlimited number of users. You’ll need a Netflix premium subscription to use all of the premium features. If you’re having difficulties signing in to Netflix or don’t have access to any accounts, you can use Netflix mod apks. With so many people watching Netflix on their smartphones and computers simultaneously, we’re working hard to provide you with as many options as possible.

What is Netflix Account?

OTT’s popular platform Netflix has become increasingly popular in recent years. The company began as a DVD rental service with a monthly fee. However, the corporation is gradually moving away from print media in favor of digital. For the first time in 2007, the company launched a streaming platform that allowed consumers to view material on-demand and ad-free back in 2007.

Thousands of episodes and films are available to stream on Netflix. New digital material is also being developed by the company. Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why, and other popular shows have made Netflix a household name throughout the world.

Netflix, on the other hand, is a paid service. Instead, there are three tiers of pricing to choose from.

If you want to watch great shows on your phone, tablet, desktop, or another device, this is a great option.

Quick Look at Free Netflix Accounts Features

  • Access the world’s best digital entertainment, including Shows and movies, with a Netflix subscription.
  • All types of digital entertainment can be found here, whether you’re looking for movies, documentaries, seasons, recordings, or other TV shows.
  • Streaming online isn’t expensive. Pay a monthly fee to access an unlimited amount of stuff. One million years is longer than the average lifespan of an individual.
  • This app is currently available for free download on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • A system of user-generated ratings that allows viewers to popularise any show and recommend it to someone who hasn’t seen it before.
  • Netflix’s selection of movies and TV shows is second only to YouTube in terms of breadth.
  • Full seasons of television shows that have already aired.
  • During the streaming, there will be no annoying or teasing advertising.
  • Each season or movie can have its own set of offline choices. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can still view offline shows.

Netflix Accounts Plans and Pricing

As the world’s fastest video streaming service, Netflix offers a wide variety of content, including Hindi-language programming as well as English-language content. Only Netflix Premium allows you to watch movies and series in your native language by changing the exhibit language.

Because Netflix offers high-quality services, they are in a position of authority. Subscription fees to Netflix aren’t very hefty, but they’re there nonetheless. We’re sharing some of the most often used movie VIP subscriptions with you today.

Basic Plan: All movies and episodes will be available in SD resolution and only for one screen under the base plan of Netflix premium. It’ll cost you $9 a month to use it.

Standard Plan: If you want to get a premium Netflix subscription, this is the best option for you. There’s a $13/month fee for two-screen access with HD video quality, but it’s worth every penny.

Premium Plan: It’s excellent if you’re looking to get a subscription for your entire family or group of friends. To get the most out of this plan, you can log in from up to four separate devices, and the video quality will be ultra-high definition. Netflix’s premium service costs $16 per month.

Netflix offers a free 30-day premium trial to new subscribers who provide their credit card information on the company’s official website. In order to learn how to get a free 30-day Netflix trial, please click here to see my detailed instructions.

Features of Free Netflix Accounts

Several new features have been added to Netflix Premium. A few new and interesting features will be discussed in this article. On the account that we share with you, you will also have access to all of Netflix’s premium features. Here are some of the most crucial things that you should be aware of.

Subscriptions are not required

More free Netflix Premium subscriptions were made available as a result of our efforts. To view Netflix’s movies and episodes, you don’t need a subscription because we offer it free to our members alone. Using any of the provided accounts, you can make use of your private collection at any moment.


Do you wish to allow other devices to see your screen? Then you may watch the same movies and TV shows on multiple devices at the same time. The Multiscreen Free Netflix A account, which allows you to stream to up to four devices simultaneously using the same Netflix subscription, was made available to you. More than one method is available for accessing Netflix.

Unlimited Downloads

The Internet speed in many rural locations is slow. Because of this, they are unable to watch live-streamed movies and television shows. Netflix, on the other hand, provides a way for you to download and watch your favorite shows and movies whenever you want without having to worry about being connected to the internet.

4K Ultra-High Definition

Everyone wants to watch movies in HD resolution, right? High-definition HD and 4K screens can be accessed through Netflix premium subscriptions. Netflix is available in supported 4k, HD quality on your Smart TV and other devices.

All-Inclusive Use

Using Netflix is completely unrestricted, and you have unrestricted access to its library of films and television shows. You can use all of Netflix’s premium features for free if you use the free Netflix account we gave you. You’ll be able to log in to the same accounts on up to four more devices.

Free Netflix Accounts Username and Passwords

Keep a few things in mind before using these free Netflix accounts.

  • Do not change any password of any account, Do not share free netflix logins with anyone instead share the post line, Do not remove any existing profile, Do not create a pin for any profile

Last Updated: 12th January 2022

How to use these free Netflix Accounts usernames and passwords?

1: Go to Netflix Login page or Install Netflix app in your mobile/tablet or smart tv

2: Copy the Netflix free username and password from our google docs

3: Paste those login credentials into the Netflix website or app

4: All set, Hit to the sign in and enjoy your free Netflix premium subscription

6 Ways to get Free Netflix Accounts

Here, we’ll teach you how to quickly and easily create a free Netflix account. We can, however, tell you a few strategies that will allow you to get a free Netflix membership so that you may enjoy all of Netflix’s content without having to pay a monthly fee.

You can get a free Netflix account by following a few simple procedures, so let’s go through them.

1) Free Netflix Account for 30 Days (Netflix Trial)

You can receive more Netflix free trials by using this technique. The following are the steps to take:

Step 1: Creating a new email account if you don’t already have one is the first step. You can do this on Gmail or any other email service provider. There is no need to go through this process again if you already have a working email.

Step 2: When you sign up for a trial version, you’ll need to submit your credit card information again, but you won’t be charged until you’ve received the trial version. Get a pre-paid credit card and use it to run errands when you’re done with your shopping.

Step 3: Go to Netflix and sign up for a month-long free trial of their service now. Use the prepaid credit card number and the new email address to sign up.

Step 4: You must cancel your Netflix subscription before the free trial period expires, or you will be charged for a monthly plan. Select Cancel Streaming Plan or Cancel DVD Plan by clicking on your account name in the upper right corner of the screen. Then, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the canceling process.

Step 5: To acquire another month of free service, repeat steps 1 through 4.

Step 6: If you don’t want to deal with creating a new email and credit card each month, you may use PayPal to link your existing pre-paid card and obtain a free second month of Netflix by inputting your PayPal information instead. Payment service provider PayPal has the right, but not the obligation, to close down accounts that provide false information. An online Netflix account generator.

Cancelling the Netflix Trial to avoid automatic payment

Clicking on your profile picture and selecting “Your Account” from the drop-down menu will allow you to cancel your trial membership. Simply click “Cancel Membership” under “Membership and Billing.” It’s done! That’s it.

2) Sharing Netflix Account to Split Cost

Caring is demonstrated through the act of sharing. Here, we’ll explain how to share a Netflix account with another person. The following are the key points to be aware of concerning this approach:

1: It is possible to have as many profiles as you want on Netflix, but only two of those profiles can stream at a time.

2: Using this method will not result in any additional fees or violations of any laws

3: How to share your Netflix account with friends and family throughout the world is easy, as many people do in Step 3.

4: There will never be an error with this method if just two profiles are being streamed at a time.

3) Free Accounts Using Netflix Cookies

Check this way out if any of the preceding methods fail to work for you. This is one of the simplest methods on the list.

Adding the logged-in Netflix cookies that we will supply to your browser is all that is required of you. The premium Netflix account will be activated once you’ve tinkered with that cookie. That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look at this strategy.

Consider the following case: For whatever reason, you accidentally closed the tab you were using to log into your Netflix account or any other service. You won’t be prompted to log in again if you return to the home page now. There must be a way to explain this.

Cookie technology makes this feasible. Cookies are little text files that a website might use to keep track of your current session. Similarly, Netflix utilizes cookies to save the user’s information. As a result, all you need to do is add the logged-in cookie to your browser.

1: This method only works in a web browser, so open any browser

2: Install a cookie editor extension, you can easily get it by googling

3: Open Netflix Homepage

4: Remove the existing cookies of Netflix by clicking on the cookie editor extension

5: Copy the Netflix Cookies from our Google Docs (We have shared some Netflix cookies as well along with the premium Netflix accounts)

6: Import those cookies in your browser via the cookie editor extension

7: Refresh the page and you are logged In

Do not log out of your account otherwise, you have to do all the steps again to log back in.

4) Netflix New $2 per month plan for mobile users

This method is not free but paying $2 per month instead of $10 is almost free.

In India, Netflix has announced a 60 percent reduction in its monthly subscription rates. An attempt to attract viewers is made as OTT competition grows fiercer.

After the new tariffs take effect on Tuesday, Netflix Mobile will cost Rs. 149 per month. Now it costs Rs. 198, down from Rs. 199 a year ago. The Basic plan now costs Rs 199 per month instead of Rs. 499 per month. It will now cost Rs 499 per month for the Standard plan. a monthly fee of 649 rupees will provide you access to Premium.

On December 14, there were price changes. All members will be affected by these alterations as of the following paying cycle. Signing up for Netflix is all it takes for a new subscriber. Afterward, they can select from the updated costs.

Those on the Basic, Mobile, or Standard plan will be upgraded to a higher tier for the same fee as they already pay. Users of Mobile plans can now pay Rs 199 per month to downgrade to the entry-level plan.

To proceed with the upgrade, a message will show on the user’s device. They can also choose a different strategy. All plans have had their prices slashed by 18-60%.

Plans for Netflix on mobile devices now start at Rs 149 per month. The mobile plan is compatible with 480p-resolution smartphones and tablets. Netflix cannot be accessed on a TV or PC with a mobile plan. Furthermore, each user is only allowed to access one account at a time.

Note: Netflix’s geo-restrictions can be bypassed by utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or any Country.

5) Free Netflix Subscription with Airtel and Jio Postpaid plans

You can get the Netflix Premium Subscription legally with this method (Only for Indians). Users of Airtel mobile services, postpaid or prepaid, can take advantage of this deal till the year 2022.

Airtel is giving away a free Netflix account to everyone who signs up for a postpaid or prepaid plan costing more than Rs. 499. The famous video streaming service may now be accessed for free by customers on plans costing Rs. 499, Rs. 649, and Rs. 799.

Airtel customers will receive a free three-month subscription to Netflix’s basic Rs. 500 plan, which provides access to one screen and only SD-quality content. To take advantage of the new deal, simply follow the instructions listed below:

Take advantage of this deal by downloading My Airtel from Google Play or the App Store, or by updating your current version (December) of the app.

Open the app, and you’ll see a three-month free trial of Netflix. The Airtel TV app also has the same option.

6) Get Free Netflix Account using Virtual Cards

You can easily get Netflix free trails as many times as you want with virtual credit cards. All you need is an app called tmw to create virtual cards.

1: Download the tmw app or any app or use any platform from where you can get free virtual cards. If you are from India, then the tmw app is the best option to create free virtual cards.

2: Open the app and you’ll get a box that asks you to check in to your account right away. The sign-up button is positioned just below the mobile phone number text field. Simply click it.

3: As the last step, you’ll be prompted to input your phone number, along with your first and last names, and any of your ID verification numbers. Aadhar card, Pan card, driving license, etc. can be used as proof. Then, in the area below, enter your card number and choose your preferred proof.

4: Accept the agreement and click the sign-up button even if you haven’t read the terms and conditions.

6) Get Free Netflix Account using Virtual Cards

5: Simply click through after entering the OTP that was issued to the specified cell phone number.

6: The 4-6 digit M-pin you’ll need to utilize this application at any time has been set. You’ll be asked a few security questions, such as which animal you prefer, and you can pick whichever one you like best.

7: You’ll now want to select the cards option, which is situated at the bottom of the screen. In the following screen, you must click the Apply Now button to apply for your Netflix account’s virtual card. Enter your email address and date of birth in the fields provided and click the Apply button.

8: Hurrah! It’s now possible for you to see your Netflix virtual card, which includes all of the necessary information.

9: As soon as you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to begin watching Netflix content.

10: Click on one of the plans to proceed.

11: To log into Netflix, you’ll need to enter your username and password. There is no need to enter any other information.

12: You’re now ready to begin your membership with TMW by selecting debit or credit card and entering the information from the virtual card in TMW’s application like the first and last name, expiration date, card number, and CVV.

13: After that, they’ll email you an OTP from your bank to authenticate your card. Please type in your one-time password and then press “Submit.”

It’s done. A free Netflix account has been activated without you having to use your credit/debit card to do it. Using this method, you can create as many accounts as you like.

FAQs related to Free Netflix Account

I am sure you have plenty of questions related to free Netflix accounts in your mind. So, we decided to answer some very frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find your desired question, feel free to ask us via the comment section below.

what is Netflix premium account?

Netflix is a video-on-demand service provider with a global reach. In order to watch Netflix episodes and movies, you’ll need a premium subscription account. Once you have one, you’ll have access to all Netflix has to offer.

Can I get free Netflix Account forever?

In this post, we’ve shared more than 20 free Netflix accounts. Both your mobile device and your PC may be immediately accessed and logged into. Our customers can get an account loaded with premium gems at no additional charge. You may obtain the erroneous password at the time of login if someone changes the password, thus you can try all the accounts listed above.

Does Netflix Provide 30 Days Trail?

Netflix is a membership service, but you can try it out for 30 days for free. Signing up on Netflix’s official website or through their Netflix app is the only way to get a 30-day trial of a premium account for free. After that, you’ll have to supply payment information.

If you’d like a step-by-by-step guide on how to acquire a 30-day free trial of Netflix, please leave a comment below. Afterward, I’ll be updating the articles and putting in the freeways to sign up for a free Netflix account.

How to get Netflix account username and password?

In this post, you’ll find a list of fully functional Netflix logins, complete with username and password. Log in to your account using the information provided in the above section. If you’re having trouble logging in, you should try a few more accounts to see if more people have changed their passwords recently. Every day, we add the latest account login credentials of the Netflix account.

Is it possible to share a Netflix account?

If you have a Netflix premium membership, you can share your account with up to four devices, including a smartphone or a smart TV. Streaming a movie to multiple devices simultaneously is also possible. You can watch the same movie with your loved ones whenever you like, from wherever you happen to be, thanks to a login account.

Are Netflix accounts shared on this post free or do I have to pay?

Free Netflix accounts given on this page do not require you to pay a fee of any kind. A Netflix trial, on the other hand, will need a one-time payment upon expiration.

Is it safe to use these free Netflix accounts?

ANS: Yes, it is safe and free to use these Netflix login credentials from any country and any device.

Can I use Netflix without Login Credentials?

Does Netflix work without a login or password? However, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with Netflix cookies in order to do this.


We are not in favor to share free Netflix accounts like this with our visitors. In order to provide viewers with legitimate and high-quality material, Netflix invests billions of dollars each year. Netflix will continue to improve the quality of its content with your input.

In terms of cinematography, Resolution, Detailing, Editing, etc., each new season is more cruelly created than the preceding one. They spend a lot of money entertaining you, so you should chip in at least a few hundred dollars.

Anyways, we have shared more than a dozen free Netflix accounts in this post and we update them every day. So check back every day to enjoy your free premium Netflix subscription.

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