July 15, 2024

A Nigerian lady sparked a discussion after she lied to her boyfriend on the phone, telling him she hadn’t eaten and lacked appetite, while she was actually devouring fufu with vegetable soup and drinking coke.

The incident was captured in a video she shared on a popular social media platform.

In the video, she could be heard having a conversation with her boyfriend, who asked if she had eaten.

She responded by saying she hadn’t eaten anything all day and claimed to have no appetite.

However, the video showed her enjoying fufu with vegetable soup and drinking coke.

The girl’s actions, along with her boyfriend’s concern despite her deceit, garnered attention on social media, with many people sharing their thoughts in the comments section of the post.

See some reactions below:

Amarachi Favour: “If this my guy no send me food moeny I go hold una cause why una go dey cast update like this.”

Plutoking: “No refund for relationship make my guy keep pressing money jare.”

BIG BRYAN: “Me ask girl what did u eat or have you eaten no be me.”

WALTERBHAWG: “Me how are you doing she am fine talk don finish I no Dey ask have you eaten.”

Sweet~Mina: “casted… no wonder my babe no dey reason me again anytime I tell am say I never eat.”

c.h.i.l.e: “Some of Dem go tell you say try and eat for me or else I will get angry at you.”



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