July 14, 2024

A Nigerian lady, Amaka Doris, has revealed how her ex-boyfriend, Vene, took back the shop he constructed for her after their breakup.

In a video shared online, a truck was seen carrying away the shop, leaving Amaka surprised and hurt.


She was shocked that Vene would take such measures, especially after she made it clear she wanted to end the relationship.


She said, “Because I said I’m not doing again guys, my ex-boyfriend went carried the shop he built for me.


His name is Vene. When we were dating everything was going well. You opened shop for me, you opened that shop so I can use it to start up something.”



“So after we broke up he went and hired a truck and carried the shop that he built, he constructed because he didn’t build that thing.


Like Vene, even if we broke up, is that something you should do? Like even if I said I’m not doing anymore. To go and take a shop you built for me when things weren’t going well”.


Watch the video below:



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