“Don’t Worry My Life”; Dad tucks his twin babies into parlour chair after being asked to babysit

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A lady has shared a hilarious video of the position she found her babies after asking her husband to babysit them

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The mother of two came out to see her twin babies tucked into the couch in a very funner manner


Her husband, on the other hand, sat peacefully on the couch while pressing his mobile phone as his wife watched


A mother has shared a funny video of her babies and her husband who was asked to babysit.


The mother said she stepped out for two minutes and asked her husband to babysit the twin babies in her absence.


However, when she got back, she met her husband busy with his phone after tucking their twin babies into the couch.




@gabriellabonacci Dads 😂😅 #twins #twinsoftiktok #twinmom ♬ original sound – Gabriella Bonacci

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