February 27, 2024



A Twitter user has shared some disgusting images of a young man caught sl$$ping with a goat on the popular social media platform.


The Twitter user known as @FirstClas_King shared the trending photos with the caption, “Omo This guy was caught, n#cking goat in doggy style, this world has come to bus stop Ahswear”.

The Young Man forgot that there are diseases goat have, Read below:👇👇


What are some diseases goats can transmit to humans?

Goats can transmit several diseases to humans, including:

Leptospirosis — This disease is widely distributed in domestic and wild animals. Transmission of the organism to humans can occur through skin abrasions and mucous membranes by contact with urine or tissues of animals infected with leptospirosis. Inhalation or ingestion of organisms can also transmit the disease. The disease can vary from an asymptomatic infection to severe disease with symptoms ranging from flu-like ailments to liver and kidney failure, encephalitis, and pulmonary involvement.


Cryptosporidia — Some species of this disease have a worldwide distribution that can be found in many animal species, including ruminants. Cryptosporidiosis is caused by a protozoan parasite that lives in the intestines of mammals. Usually the diarrhea is self-limiting, but in immunocompromised individuals, the disease can have a prolonged course.


Q fever — This disease is caused by Coxiella burnetii, which is a rickettsial disease of goats and cattle. Humans can be infected by inhalation of infectious particles. The organism is shed in urine, feces, milk, and birth products of domestic sheep, goats, and cattle. Symptoms in humans are usually flu-like. In some cases, more serious symptoms can occur, especially in elderly patients or in immunosuppressed people.


Psittacosis (ornithosis, chlamydiosis) — This disease is caused by the bacterium Chlamydia psittaciC. psittaci is common in wild birds but can also cause enzootic abortion in sheep, goats, and cattle. Exposure to birth fluids and membranes of infected sheep and goats has been reported to cause gestational psittacosis in pregnant women.



Contagious echthyma (orf) — This disease is caused by a pox virus and is endemic in sheep and goat herds in the United States. Orf produces pustular lesions on the lips, nostrils, and mucous membranes of the oral cavity in infected animals. Humans are infected by direct contact with exudates from the lesions or from fomites. The disease in humans is characterized by similar lesions on the hand, arm, or face.


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