April 17, 2024


A Nigerian woman engaged in a funny struggle with her daughter after seeing the grown lady on her husband’s body

The lady was recording a video when she suddenly jumped on her dad’s body, urging him to carry her


Many internet users who watched the video condemned the young lady’s action with her biological dad


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A video of a Nigerian lady being carried by her father has sent social media into a frenzy.

The clip, shared by the young lady @philex_cruise, on TikTok was captioned, “My mum is so jealous.”


In the clip, the lady was on the scene with her dad when she locked her arms around his neck while backing him.


She then turned around and jumped on him, urging him to carry her. @philex_cruise remarked about her dad’s strength as she played while still being carried.

Her mum told her to come down Her mum suddenly appeared on the scene and immediately ordered her daughter to come down.

The woman funnily began to forcefully get her daughter off her dad, saying she should be the one carried by him.

Many people thought the lady’s action in the clip was inappropriate

Watch the video below: 


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