July 18, 2024

A Nigerian man sparked jealousy on social media after he shared a video of his pregnant Caucasian partner, believed to be his lover.

The TikTok video, which has garnered thousands of likes, captured the heartwarming moment as the man held his partner closely while she rubbed her hand over her big tummy.


The pregnant Caucasian lady appeared in several scenes in the video, spending quality time with her partner. Other scenes depicted the beautiful couple enjoying themselves.


However, the video prompted many to wonder how he found a Caucasian lover. People flooded the comment section expressing their thoughts about the lady’s relationship with the man.

See some reactions below: 

💔💐💀🦅: “‎Cl way dey pay us $50 now e reach ur turn u carry am come house rush give am belle.”

Chi-som Per-petual: “‎I rather take what does not belong to me than to steal.”

confido335: “‎At least if you and her fellow dey waka for road you know say you get wife not mother. I root for you guys, I support this one.”

oluwaseun$: “‎So small update now..he reach your turn you give her belle….ride on bro…..congratulations ooo.”

Donald: “‎your luck bro……which dating sites u see her bro or give us update on how to get one.”

KENECHUKWU: “‎how do you people do meet all this white women I want to have one.”

Mega Duke Samson: “‎Where the baby now🙄 make lie kee una head that balloon must burst.”

Blessing hairline: “‎As u marry her u don blow oo ask for ur black brother and sister aza na.”

HARJOKE: “‎at least is better those that are marring their grandma all the name of marrying white woman.”



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