May 29, 2024


A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to lament bitterly over her life circumstances since relocating to the United Kingdom.


The woman, in a video shared online, disclosed that she had a thriving business in Nigeria before migrating abroad.


However, she is now forced to work as a carer in the UK, which entails caring for elderly people and cleaning their feces in order to survive.


CEO in Naija is now cleaning nyash in UK” – Nigerian woman shed tears after relocating abroad

She posted a video collage of her crying at work with pictures of her in Nigeria and wrote, “CEO in Naija is now cleaning nyash uk 😭😭.”



The video has sparked mixed reactions online as some netizens asserted that she was overreacting because her UK job pays well.


benitaawoh wrote, “Nothing wrong in “cleaning Nyash”. There is dignity in Labour. Take pride in what your hands have found to do. Retrain, acquire new skills and pursue your dream (whatever it is)”

@_kingnaz wrote, “Lol caring for old people soft compared to warehouse work. You fit even dey jist with them”


og_bella wrote, “There’s nothing bad in it, it’s a job and gradually you’ll get to where you want to be”


esentiaxperience wrote, “But she will be making 2000-3000 pounds even more depending on how many hours she works and the area. which is 1.1 to 1.6 million naira per month. How many professionals, bankers, doctors so called “Ceo” in niaga can boast of that kind of monthly take home?”


Watch the clip below,


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