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“Brother You’re Dating Iron Lady” – Strong Lady Carries Boyfriend on Her Shoulders, Uses Him To Workout.(Video)

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A plus-size lady caused a commotion on social media after she was seen using her boyfriend as a workout object

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Showcasing great strength, the strong lady lifted him off the floor and balanced him across her shoulders


Some men loved the lady’s strength and expressed how they wanted the same thing from their girlfriends


A chubby lady stunned internet users with her show of strength as she turned her boyfriend into workout equipment.


In a viral video seen on TikTok, the plus-size lady was joined on the scene by her man, who wore only shorts.


Without hesitation, she lifted him off the floor, onto her shoulders and went up and down with him in a balanced position. Her show of strength endeared her to some male folks who watched the video.


The 15-second clip has amassed more than half a million views at the time of making this report.





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