July 14, 2024


  • A TikTok lady who looks chubby and beautiful has used a sweet dance to entertain a lot of people on the platform
  • She was driving before parking her car safely then she came out and started dancing on the tarred road
  • The sweet video was posted on Tuesday, May 2, by @bosslady2023, and it has gathered 18.3k likes as of May 3


A sweet dance video posted on May 2 by @bosslady2023 has gone viral and attracted 18k likes on TikTok.

She took giant strides and then went off with a strong dance that impressed many of her fans.


She was driving in her car when it was as if she felt the urge to dance, so she pulled over.

Viral video of a lady dancing on a paved street

Once she had safely parked her car, she came out swiftly and walked to the tarred pavement.

She started dancing to a Makosa tune, shaking her waist in a spectacular way that left her audience entertained.


Apart from her dance, her fantastic dress also drew attention. She was wearing a two-toned blue outfit featuring what appeared to be a sleeveless shirt over a catsuit.


Although her dance was short, as it lasted a little over 15 seconds, it was still profoundly entertaining.


Watch the video below:


@bosslady2023 #makemegoviral #makegoviral #foryou #Dancingprophtess ♬ original sound – Mista Olamilekan


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