May 20, 2024

  • An expectant mother broke down in tears after finding out that she will be giving birth to another baby boy
  • The mother lamented that she already had three boys in her house and would have loved to give birth to a female child
  • The touching clip shared via TikTok has attracted lots of reactions from netizens especially women who could relate to her situation


A beautiful pregnant mother could not hold her tears after the gender of her unborn child was revealed to her.

The expectant mother broke down in tears when she discovered she was going to have a male child.


In the video shared by @life_with_nadia, she cried uncontrollably while her friends watched and laughed at her.

According to her, she already has three boys in her house and she just couldn’t hold back the tears because she was hoping to have a baby girl.

The video has attracted so many reactions from netizens especially mothers who could relate to her situation.


@life_with_nadia__ 3 Boys in my house 😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#boymom ♬ original sound – Life With Nadia

They consoled her and reminded her that children, regardless of their gender, are gifts from God.

Nadia wrote:

“After finding out I’m having a boy again, 3 boys in my house.”

Social media reactions

@nahiyan2019 said:

“Some of us are praying so badly for God to bless us with kids even if it’s just one. maama u are blessed.”

@Boss mom wrote:

“Gal I have 3 boys, as long the baby is healthy.”

@Nontsikelelo Felicia added:

“I can’t help but admire you Mommy.”

@Nhasist replied:

“She still love her baby boy wethu, hopefully she get her girl one day.”

@Pretty Dagaati replied:

“Not me praying hard to get a boy but I had a girl now 2 girls.”

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