July 14, 2024

A man who hails from Imo state has lamented on social media after his gospel singer girlfriend, Amaka Gift, called it quits on their nine-year-old relationship

The man shared how he dated Amaka for three years before introducing her to music in 2017, right from her local church choir

The heartbroken man also disclosed he spent money to furnish her apartment, hosted concerts for her and carried out projects to shoot her into the limelight

Favour Ibex, an Imo state indigene, has cried out on Facebook after his lover of nine years, Amaka Gift, jilted him.

In a now-deleted post making the rounds on social media, Favour shared pictures taken with the Imo gospel singer alongside those she took with her new ‘man’ as he recalled how it all began.

Favour said he introduced her to gospel music 

Favour started by shedding light on why her social media handles were taken down. According to him, he took down the pages after he noticed she attempted to change the passwords upon seeing that it was yielding income.

“Amaka Gift social media accounts was never hacked as she is “PAINTING” but was taken down by her sponsor after she made several attempts to change their passwords because the page is now yielding income. I took it down over betrayal of trust, love, commitment and investment for 9years,” he wrote. 

Favour explained that he dated Amaka for three years before introducing her to music from her local church choir in 2017. He said he created all her social media accounts and saw to their growth.


He added that he spent money towards ensuring she came to the limelight in her music career and had plans of settling down with her. In his words:

“I shot every single video and made all post on the pages I created. l spent money on newspapers, radios stations, printing of CDs, branding of outfits, hosting concerts with bilboards and posters. Carrying out charity activities, paying and setting up rehearsals all in the name of promoting and projecting Amaka Gift to limelight. 

“As a girl I had future plans with, her comfort became my priority. I furnished her apartment with properties and gadgets to the best comfort and set up a Studio at her apartment for her to perform well without stress both in music and her academics. Her lodge mates can attest to this…” 


Favour said their relationship was known to their parents

While narrating how he noticed she was seeing a man named Maxy Michael, Favour revealed that their relationship was known to both their parents.

“During the time of our relationship, which is known to both parents and close friends. I and Amaka Gift has knelt down and received blessings from our both late father’s before they died.

“Even on sick bed Amaka Gift father made a request to the family not let me face difficulties while paying her bride price as I’ve done so well to lift her in her career as he has seen the progress so far and had attended concerts and birthday party’s hosted for Amaka Gift courtesy of me…,” he wrote. 

Favour lamented that his offence was respecting God not to take carnal knowledge of her throughout their relationship.

He added that he kept their affair private for her career and was okay with fronting as her manager. When Legit.ng contacted Favour on WhatsApp to confirm his claims in the lengthy post made about Amaka Gift, he said:  “It is true.”

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