July 14, 2024


A video is making the rounds on social media that shows how a middle-aged lady has been having a sleepless night due to the action inflicted on her by her spiritual husband.


While many believed that spiritual husbands are not real, a new clip making the rounds online have continued to generate mixed reactions among internet users.



In the video that hits the internet, the lady who has been going through a lot at the hands of her spiritual husband at midnight while sleeping was seen in bed with her man.


According to the information provided, the lady has been unable to sleep at midnight due to the fact her spiritual husband always visits her and by extension chops her work aggressively using different styles.


The lady has been going through the ordeal for a while and her husband has not been supportive as he always claimed of her disturbing him during his sleep at midnight.


In an attempt to find a solution to the problem, the lady bought a CCTV camera into her house who later captures the ordeal she has been going through in the hand of her spiritual hand.


In the viral video, the spiritual husband who is known to engage in having the canal knowledge of the lady using different styles at midnight also explores the unsupportive husband and his reaction was our of this world.


Captioning the video, the underground voice wrote; “Spiritual husband is real, let us cultivate the habit of praying before going to bed.”


Watch the video below;


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