April 21, 2024

Reality TV star Uriel Oputa recently posted a heartfelt video capturing her journey to a fertility clinic, where she courageously decided to undergo the process of egg freezing.


The former BBNaija star conveyed her anxieties about the ticking clock while anticipating the right partner to embark on the journey of starting a family.


Egg freezing, a technique supported by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) in the UK, entails the retrieval of a woman’s eggs, their cryopreservation, and subsequent thawing for potential utilization in fertility interventions.



Uriel, a 35-year-old chef who said her mother had given birth to 5 children at her age underscored the importance of this process, highlighting the diminishing quality of eggs after the age of 30, which can constrain a woman’s likelihood of achieving conception.


Within the video, Uriel passionately promotes awareness, encouraging women to contemplate egg freezing as a proactive step to safeguard fertility until the appropriate life partner materializes.


She recognized the difficulties associated with the choice.


In her words; “It’s a hard pill to swallow; at this age I am now, my mother had five children. Time is ticking for me and I am aware, so I decided to weigh my options. If that perfect man doesn’t come now, I need to secure myself and nurture my seeds……”


She accompanied the video with the caption; “I’m creating awareness!!! Apparently by 30 the Quality of our eggs Reduce🥹 Ladies would you consider Freezing your Eggs? Until Mr Right comes?”


Watch the video below;

See reactions below;


itischiny: Why freezing ur egg u don’t wanna have baby now ?time wait for no one madam find some one ,have a baby and move on till wen the right man comes .Wen I saw this I was thinking u have decided to birth ?want to freeze egg until u clock 50?


heraginny: I want to freeze my menstruation.


c_a_m_b_e_l_l_a: Currently having problems having a child for my husband due to my decrease in eggs .. im 39 we been trying for three years no success I wish i was educated about egg freezing I wouldn’t be in the situation im in now … a empty womb and a broken heart… ladies please educate yourselves.


percyhairline: What does egg freezing do, somebody please explain in simple terms 🙏.


kingmaxbrand: Na wa ooo women are going through a lot oo 😂😂.


ricky_v_secret: There a lot of things happening in this world… and this one sounds nice o😍.


solum_x: I’m concerned about how much you talk about marriage and settling down. Not that it’s not good but you’re enough Uriel. You’re great, you’re purpose driven, you’re diligent, you’re smart! There is no age to marriage. Please don’t pressure yourself. You are loved!!!


cy.2659: Just have a baby now, then Mr right will come in the future, so you and your child can be friends while still very young.


jenyyy_j: NIGERIA THAT LIGHT IS NOT STABLE 😂😂😂😂 you fit go back to collect your frozen egg, them carry boiled egg give you 😂😂😂😂😂.


queenbelnie: This is a crazily expensive option. Not every woman can wake up and have this done. Biology is unfair to women.


vera_efua_uzuazor: Very necessary, ladies needs to be educated about the option of egg freezing 👏.


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