April 21, 2024

The Nigerian singer and dancer Korra Obidi, who is currently making waves in the US, has once again caused a stir with her audacious wardrobe choices. Her audacious skin-baring at public events has fans going crazy.

Wearing an outfit akin to a bra and trousers, Korra attracted attention with a seductive performance that showcased her curves and revealed her nude posterior, much to the amusement of the guests.




At the most intense part of the video, Korra boldly walked up to a male patron, sat down on his lap, and gave him a sensual lap dance in which she turned her face and chest to face him.


Watch the video below:


The video has since garnered several reactions from netizens, with several comments criticizing her lifestyle and the apparent dissolution of her marriage.

See comments from netizens below:


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