April 21, 2024

A slayqueen sparks controversy online as she opines that a guy should have a house of his own at the age of 21.


The lady made the statement while being interviewed in a street vox-pop shared by @iplaydetty.

The interviewer enquired of her when she thinks a guy should have a house of his own.

While responding, she opined that at least at the age of 21, 22, the guy should have already built or bought the house of his own.


When enquired her reason for that age, she stated that it is very normal to see guys at that age owning a house.

The slayqueen however admitted that she doesn’t own a house of her own but noted that guys are meant to build the house for ladies to enjoy.

Reactions as slayqueen opines that a guy should have a house at 21 …

standclear____ said: “Hustle ooooo

official_kingjerryy wrote: “Naso he easy for your papa too”

blazevibezz asked: “Your papa get house way your mama Dey come enjoy before dem marry ?”

whizy_lee opined: “Does he mean his own house that he built or moving away from his parents house and living on his own place ( rented apartment)

As for the latter, I think after your Nysc you should already be planning to move out of your parent’s house and start your own life…if you get doingz you fit buy house any age sha 

Watch video below …



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