Currently the rapper is co-headlining a Blink 182 tour. With Lil Tunechi, is it all nice? When it was announced that with famous pop punk band Blink 182 Lil Wayne was hitting the road, some individuals were perplexed as to how the two acts would be fair together on the highway. But considering that Wayne is a fixture in the alternative, skater culture, finding Weezy admirers within the fan base of the band wouldn’t be far-fetched.

The co-headlining tour kicked off in Ohio at the end of June, and supporters report that this tour may not be Wayne’s cup of tea just a couple of weeks in. The tour landed in Bristow, Virginia on Thursday, but disappointed visitors went to Twitter to share that Weezy only performed a set of 20 minutes before storming off stage. Many customers decided not to show up due to the rainy weather, and the scarce crowd may have contributed to why Wayne left. According to one user of Twitter, the rapper said, “It’s not enough of you all*** here, I’m out.” Another individual tweeted, “We’re at the @blink182 show and # LilWayne was on and off in about 20 minutes.

The f*ck man. #disappointed.” Someone else shared that Wayne may have announced that he was leaving the tour for good. “Lil Wayne jus said ‘i think this is my last day on this tour.’ And walked off. After 4-5 songs because there is barely anyone here because of rain n sh*t lol.”


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