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“This fãke Nyãsh” – Critics roar as Chef Hilda Baci shows off heavy backside on dance floor (video)

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Nigerian Guinness World Records holder Chef Hilda Baci has received a few criticisms following her recent display on the dance floor at a nightclub.

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Hilda was captured in a video by a fellow lady showing off what seems like a heavy-duty endowment, as it trembles irresponsibly behind her back.


Hilda was present at a nightclub in Lagos last alongside her female friends and other club goers as well as guests.

She was left to dance to the music of the moment, while the camera focused its lens for a better view.


Watch the video below.


Reactions have emerged from netizens who criticized Hilda for her raunchy display and sensuality. Critics refer to her backside as fake owing to the fact there have been reports she had butt surgery.


Meanwhile, this is barely a few days after Guinness World Record

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