Tuesday, the U.S. Coast Guard announced it had confiscated a 40-foot Pacific Ocean submarine carrying 12,000 pounds of cocaine worth over $165 million on the road. The discovery occurred previously this month (Sept. 5) when the Eastern Pacific Ocean ship was stopped by the coast guards, eventually arresting four suspected drug smugglers.

“The detection of a semi-submersible submarine is very difficult especially at night, that’s when this one was spotted by an aircraft that was flying in a routine patrol in the area,” Coast Guard Lt. Commander Matthew Kroll told ABC News. “They vectored in the Coast Guard Cutter Valiant and in the early morning hours, the cutter launched one or two small boats to interdict the submarine.”

He continued, “The majority of the vessels that we interdict are coming out of South America, and they’re trying to get their way to either southern Mexico or central Central America, via the eastern Pacific maritime routes. So that’s where the majority of our assets, along with the assets of multiple Nations and other agencies, the United States that are working together to stop those transit zones.”


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