A 16-year – old boy was stabbed 100 times by MS-13 members before setting him on fire and dumping his body on a roadside because he wanted to quit the gang, claimed the victim’s mother.

After being forced to join the notorious gang in El Salvador, Jacson Pineda – Chicas wanted to leave before he and his family fled to the United States, his mother said. As a punishment, Falls Church’s teenager, Virginia, was brutally assassinated by five suspects who were previously described by the authorities as his friends.

The five alleged MS-13 members from Virginia and Maryland were arrested by police on Saturday not long after finding Jacson’s body in a wooded area near River Road in Stafford County, Virginia, around 4.30am.

Jose Ordonez – Zometa, 29 ; Jonathan Castillo – Rivera, 20 ; Kevin Rodriguez – Flores, 18 ; Christian Martinez – Ramirez, 16 ; and Jose Hernandez – Garcia, 25, were all charged with first – degree murder and other charges. According to police, all five males and their alleged victim were members of a faction of the MS-13 based in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Investigators confirmed the suspects turned on Jacson before killing him in the Prince George County, Maryland home of Ordonez – Zometa, the alleged leader of the clique, during a March 8 meeting. ‘ He was stabbed about 100 times, ‘ said Major Brian Reilly of Prince George’s County at a press conference on Friday about Jacson. ‘ It’s all about how violent this attack was and how not just one person did it. The group was turning on its own. ‘

Authorities have not confirmed a motive for the alleged murder, but the mother of Jacson, who was not identified in Washington D.C. for security reasons, told NBC 4. That her son had previously told her that his peers were being harassed and threatened after saying that he no longer wanted to be in MS-13. She said that her son even began living in another house in Prince George’s County to keep his parents and siblings out of danger.

To work, they’d follow him. He’s been working at IHOP … He’d leave [ the house ] with fear every day, ‘ Jacson’s mother told NBC 4. ‘ To defend himself, he had to take knives and screwdrivers. He had razors and he told me, “Mom, with them I’m going to defend myself, but it wo n’t be enough,” she added. Jacson’s had previously been reported missing and, according to Fox 61, authorities could identify him before Saturday after releasing a photo of a tattoo on his left arm.

The late 16-year-old was a student at Falls Church High School. In a letter to students and parents, the school’s Principal Ben Nowak described Jacson as an ‘engaging’ and ‘well-liked’ young man.

‘Jacson will be greatly missed by the Jaguar school community,’ Nowak wrote.


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