The “Five-seveN” Self-loading Pistol was designed by Belgium company Fabrique Nationale (FN). Pistol was publicly presented in 1996. “Five-seveN” is chambered for the new perspective 5.7 x 28 mm (SS190) intermediate cartridge developed by Fabrique Nationale. The SS190 is already used with the FN P-90 Submachine Gun.

The “Five-seveN” Self-loading Pistol is a new generation and conception weapon. Technically it is classified as an ordinary submachine gun but tactically it is a Personal Defense Weapon. To remind: the PD Weapons are mainly used by drivers, staff personnel, artillery crew, and other second line soldiers that do not take part in active combat actions and have no need in automatic or assault rifles as they use weapons mainly for the self defense.

Other types of  Five seveN :



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