A 61-year-old woman’s family who created history as Victoria’s first individual to legally end her life with fresh legislation disclosed her death’s’ lovely experience.’ Kerry Robertson, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, died on July 15 at a nursing home in Bendigo, Victoria, less than a month after the introduction of fresh legislation.

According to siblings Nicole and Jacqui, who held the hands of their mother while taking her final breath, Ms Robertson was’ prepared to go.’ Jacqui informed Seven News that in her final moments their mother was’ surrounded by love,’ with her favorite music playing in the background and the room’s family.

‘I believe one of the most significant and unique components of this was that mother could plan her death,’ said Nicole. After her original diagnosis, Ms Robertson was proclaimed cancer-free after radiation and chemotherapy. But four years later, Ms Robertson learned that the cancer had metastasized her bones, lungs, and brain. She experienced a throbbing pain at the back of the head.

‘The terminal diagnosis was far harder for us than her decision to have a voluntary assisted death,’ Nicole said. Ms Robertson’s body had been failing her and she’d been in incredible pain for a long time, Jacqui said. The pair were relieved to give their mother the ’empowered death’ she wanted, which ended up being a ‘beautiful experience’.

Nicole informed The Age that her mom was not scared of death, but rather how her course would be taken by the cancer. She didn’t fear death. But she was frightened by how she would be killed by the cancer and the pain she would suffer,’ she said. Ms Robertson reserved an appointment with her specialist to obtain the deadly substance on the day the Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying regulations came into effect on June 19.

Two pharmacists at the nursing home dropped the drug cocktail the same day she chose to end her life. I love you’ were the last words she said to us,’ Nicole told The Age.’ She was so quiet and lovingly surrounded. It was the way she wanted to leave this world.’


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