Adut Akech is one of the most in-demand models in the world. And the 19-year-old says that is precisely one of the reasons she has to ensure she keeps herself from burning out and breaking down.

The Sudanese-Australian supermodel told The Herald Sun on Saturday: ‘I have had a couple of really bad mental meltdowns – particularly last year – and I don’t want that to happen again’. The beauty says she has to turn down work at times, in order to maintain her emotional health.

‘I have had to learn to say no,’ she said, adding, ‘I don’t want to get burnt out.’ The catwalk queen reveals she has learned to ‘give herself time and ‘listen to her body’, adding that it’s important to be open about mental health issues.

It comes after Adut was invited to appear in the September edition of British Vogue and even received Meghan Markle’s phone call. She informed The Daily Telegraph lately that the Duchess herself was ringing to discuss the problem on which Meghan was the guest editor.

‘Vogue told me they had a surprise for me and they would call in a couple of hours and when the phone rang it was her,’ she said. Adut is one of 14 women who appear on the magazine’s cover and who Meghan has hand-picked as being, ‘Forces for change’.

The model says she was immensely flattered by the call, which she took in her kitchen, and during which the Royal called her ‘an inspiration’. ‘She said that I was an inspiration, I couldn’t believe that she was calling me an inspiration,’ she gushed.

In addition to the honor of appearing on the cover of Vogue, in January this year, the beauty was named the No. 1 model of the world. Also announced previously this month was the supermodel as ambassador for Melbourne Fashion Week.


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