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“Still Love Davido” 😥😥— Davido’s ex-girlfriend, Faith Nketsi allegedly dumps husband for going broke

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South African socialite, Faith Nketsi, has allegedly dumped her husband, Nzuzo Njilo, due to his financial difficulties.


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Faith, who made headlines in 2015 for dating top Nigerian singer Davido, is said to have dumped her husband just one year after their wedding.



Sources close to the couple disclosed that Faith has left her matrimonial home and is now back to club hosting, which she quit after getting married.


The source also claimed that one of the reasons she left was because of Nzuzo’s unending financial troubles.


The source said;

“She moved out about three weeks ago. She left Njilo and has gone back to hosting in clubs again with her friend Kim Kholiwe and making money. Just a few days ago, she was hosting at Booth Night Club, and she has put herself out there once again for the work that she used to do before she got married.

“Faith has lost a lot since she married Njilo. She, like all of us, was under the impression that Njilo was monied, but he is not. She lost her Jeep, which they had to sell after sorting out another debt and then her furniture was taken by the court last year to pay the debt involving those other two guys. It is a lot in a very short space of time. Faith loves the soft life, so she went back to doing what she loves the most, which is club hosting.”

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