ASAP Rocky was found guilty of an assault but he was lucky enough to be sentenced to a suspension. Essentially, the Swedish government just wanted to convict him of the crime, but they obviously did not believe it was sufficiently serious for Rocky to be punished for it. Rocky is home anyway, and Sweden is unlikely to see him come back again unless he serves a sentence.

But since his release previously this month, everyone has been celebrating his return home arrival. While reuniting with Tyler, The Creator, and other industry colleagues, he created another link last night with one of his homes on the West Coast as they returned to the cash.

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Back to the 💰

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Tyga went to Instagram to share his own picture with finally reunited ASAP Rocky. In the studio, T-Raww shared photographs of himself and Rocky, and one of them probably linked up after a show. Rocky’s got a towel over his head as he hugs the hitmaker “Taste.” Clearly, these days, Rocky is a hot commodity and everybody is attempting to get a verse from him.

We’ll have to wait and see what’s in the stash with Tyga and Rocky. Tyga blessed us with a fresh album titled, Legendary this summer that included several of his latest hits along with fresh ones, apart from his upcoming collaboration with Rocky.


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