R. Kelly faces some severe charges that, if convicted, could bring him behind bars for the rest of his days. The singer was struck with federal charges related to the allegations of sexual assault that for the majority of it had floated his career. In the event, Kells keeps his innocence. But in the public opinion tribunal, Kelly has already been discovered guilty. In the case, Chicago Tribune reports, the judge on the case has given a protective order on proof in order to avoid being “tried in the public domain.”

Lawyers on both sides of R.Kelly’s case was ordered to refrain from detailing evidence. For the first time, prosecutors of the case told the court that, with the exception of one listed in the indictment included in Surviving R. Kelly, many of the alleged victims never came forward. “We have never seen the light of day for the vast majority of our proof,” US. Angel Krull’s attorney told the U.S. Judge Harry Leinenweber of the district.

However, the protective order makes it hard for R. Kellyand his two co-defendants to attempt to shut down any government statements about the witnesses or victims’ allegations. Kelly’s lawyer pointed out he discovered this problem, stating, “Whatever we do, we will be pushed back in (to court)” for any possible violations.



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